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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

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Special designs

A special design of DEG Engineering GmbH is the Therm X. The Therm X consists of concentric thermo-plate rings that are cleaned up to 25 times a minute by means of a continuously operating brush cleaning system.

The advantages of the Therm X

  • Long service life and guaranteed heat transfer via an integrated cleaning system
  • Very high level of efficiency
  • Easy inspection thanks to inspection covers
  • The flow rate on the waste water side regulates itself via an overflow system, so heat transfer surfaces do not require drying
  • Cooling and/or heating of suspensions in fermentation plants
  • The heat exchanger can be used for heating or cooling
  • Large quantities of media (from refrigerants to steams) can be led through the thermo-plates
  • Available in all resistance-weldable stainless steels as well as special materials like for example SMO 254 and Hastelloy

Field of application of the Therm X

  • Cooling of diluted black liquor
  • White water heating
  • Cooling of waste water or bleaching
  • General waste water cooling
  • Heat recovery of laundry waste water
  • Heat recovery in the hygienisation of fermentation plants

DEG Engineering GmbH

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