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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

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DEG Engineering GmbH provides you with an individualized solution not only by developing and constructing thermo-plate heat exchangers and reactors, but also by providing quality service, repair and modification of said appliances.

Thanks to 30 years of experience in process engineering, we can work with you to develop the perfect solution. You can expect optimally engineered thermo-plate heat exchangers for your individual application.

Our customers benefit from a “modular design” which offers system flexibility regarding the size and performance of the thermo-plate heat exchanger. We design our solutions to provide significant advantages during inspections, leading to shortened downtimes and increased uptime profitability.

Unnecessary downtime can significantly add to costs during an inspection. As a customer-oriented company, we are focused on decreasing this cost through our modular design of thermo-plate heat exchangers. With individual modules, inspection time is kept to a minimum and cleaning and repair is made easier, which results in cost savings.

In addition to this modular design, we provide you with a full scope of services for thermo-plate heat exchangers. This can include module fabrication, shipping, project management, and onsite consulting during the installation.

DEG Engineering GmbH

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