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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

Complex Chemical Projects

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DEG thermo-plate reactor

DEG thermo-plate reactors are a new type of catalytic reactor with interior cooling, whereby thermo-plates are used as heat exchangers. This kind of heat exchanger has already been manufactured several hundred times and has proven itself in particular in situations in which insensitivity to fouling and tightness was required.

Reactors with thermo-plates as developed by DEG are ideally suited to catalytic reactions that are strongly exothermic, e.g.

  • Selective or non-selective hydrogenation, like hydrogenation from acetylene to ethylene
  • Selective or non-selective oxidation like oxidation from ethylene to ethylene oxide
  • Syntheses, e.g. methanol synthesis

Modular construction

DEG reactors can be put together from individual modules, enabling reactors to be realised in almost any size. This is the substantial difference between DEG thermo-plate reactors and tubular reactors. The modular design thus not only offers problem-free transportation and installation of the appliances, but also ensures short downtimes and higher productivity levels of the DEG thermo-plate reactor. Furthermore, DEG thermo-plate reactors have several advantages over the well-known pipe-cooled systems:

  • Larger heat exchanger surfaces with a smaller design
  • Thick-walled tube plates are not required
  • Substantially lower losses of pressure on the reaction side
  • The reactor can be supplied in a modular design in any size

The stirrer tank

The stirrer tanks represent a further area of application of the DEG thermo-plate reactors. The domain of these reactors is fast liquid reactions, if necessary with a gaseous phase and solids.

The optimal supply and discharge of warmth favourably influences production times and the production yield.

Thermo-plate heat exchangers are used additionally as flow breakers or guide plates during the optimization of the heat exchanger capacity, which, with the help of our expert engineers, are constructed specifically for your situation and your application.

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