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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

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Our Patents

Since DEG Engineering GmbH was founded, a great amount of time has been invested in the further development of plate heat exchangers and many innovative approaches have been patented.

Constructions for vibration damping, approaches relating to optimised flow control, spacers for the thermo-plates or the modular structure of a heat exchanger/reactor are an important part of our know-how, which we use to realise the thermo-plate heat exchangers.

Some of the DEG Engineering patents:

No.Patent no.Short descrip­tion
1EP1027922Reactor for the catalytic conversion of reaction media with integrated plate heat exchanger
2EP1147807Modular structure of a heat exchanger/reactor
3EP2399668Leakage monitoring
4EP2729245Coating of plates, adsorbent materials etc. Filling material to carry the catalyst
5EP2045006Flow control, vibration damping, reactors or heat exchangers with spacers and thermo-plates

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