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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

Complex Chemical Projects

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About us

DEG Engineering GmbH is specialized in the application and development of the pillow-plates in heat exchangers and chemical reactors. Since 1980’s, we design tailor made solutions dealing with heat transfer in various areas such as chemical, oil, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Our core element for heat transfer is the Temp-Plate®, the essential entity for substantially higher thermal performance providing higher surface specific heat loads at comparable lower pressure drops. As a part of the Paul Mueller Group, DEG Engineering GmbH focuses on the individual solution in heat transfer design. Our contractors profit from our special know-how in thermal design, short delivery times, high quality by Mueller manufacturing and provided on an international level.

We believe in the individual engagement and interest of our colleagues in exploring new paths and creating possibilities for or customers and contractors. Thus, we strongly support the concepts to be developed, the opportunities to be identified and subsequently the teams to be formed, to deliver the practical solution.

You will find many more about DEG Engineering GmbH by having a look around on our website, as well as Paul Mueller https://de.paulmueller.com.

DEG Engineering GmbH

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