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DEG thermo-plate condenser

DEG condensers are designed for the direct assembly at columns, reactors, boilers, or for use in lying form. They are characterised by a very compact design and efficiency while exhibiting a minimal loss of pressure. The condensation of one or several vapour components from a flowing gas vapour mixture is our main field of application.

During the condensation of pure vapours, vapour mixtures or a vapour, inert mixture, i.e. partial condensation, the decisive design criteria of the DEG condensers (gas speed, condensate film and flow control), as well as the geometrical parameters (gap width, height and length of the plates) are optimised individually for the respective application. During partial condensation, a two-stage mode of operation with different cooling agents is implementable for economic reasons, which we take pleasure in explaining to you.

Open condenser

The DEG condensers provide a cost-effective option due to the partly automated manufacturing processes, compact design, and the outstanding heat transfer to conventional pipe or spiral condensers.

Contact us and find out about the types of use of condensers for your requirements.

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