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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

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At DEG Engineering GmbH we provide assistance with heating and reacting technology by utilizing our extensive expertise and experience. We have been in the business of designing and constructing thermo-plate heat exchangers since the company was founded as DEC International approximately 30 years ago. Our beneficial solutions are patent-protected and thereby licensed exclusively to DEG Engineering.

Thanks to our close cooperation with our parent company and thermo-plate (Temp-Plate®) manufacturer Paul Mueller Company, you as a customer profit from aggressive delivery times and consistent quality for small and large orders alike.

Over the past 30 years at DEG Engineering, more than 800 appliances have been brought into circulation worldwide and new, innovative approaches have been developed in the field of thermo-plate heat exchangers.

Thermo-plate based solutions can be manufactured and inspected as a fully integrated solution through our expertise in “modular design". Welded constructions such as a header only comprise a small part of the expertise DEG Engineering can provide.

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