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Efficient heat exchangers by DEG

Complex Chemical Projects

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DEG Engineering

For more than 30 years, DEG Engineering GmbH has specialised in thermo-plate heat exchangers and reactors for industrial applications.


Technology with thermo-plates

Does your project require these benefits?

From design and construction to the final stages of the manufacturing process, we provide all solutions from a single source. We specialize in standardized and custom-made heat exchangers for application in condensers, reactors, and evaporators that provide specialized benefits.


  • Corrosion /abrasion resistance
  • Maximum performance and compactness
  • Minimal loss of pressure
  • Secure handling of toxic materials
  • Self-cleaning and if necessary oscillation-resistant method of construction
  • Flexible and optimized reaction control of reactors
  • Innovative and reliable solutions

    Together with our highly qualified and experienced engineers, we guarantee innovative and reliable solutions even for difficult problem definitions. Contact us and find out more about the application possibilities of DEG thermo-plate heat exchangers, condensers and reactors.

  • Gas/gas heat exchanger by DEG
  • Liquid/gas heat exchanger
  • Thermo-plates / clamping profiles
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Special design
  • Reactor
  • Gas/gas heat exchanger

    The use of different materials and the suitability for use with high temperatures enable a high level of availability and efficient application. DEG thermo-plate heat exchangers are recuperative gas/gas heat exchangers in cross, cross-counterflow or counterflow form and are already successfully employed in:

    • Flue gas purification plants
    • Power stations
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Paper industry
  • Liquid/gas heat exchanger

    The DEG thermo-plate heat exchangers offer the user optimised technology for heating and cooling.

    This means very compact heat exchangers with a high specific heating surface density and a low loss of pressure. They have a low susceptibility to fouling and are adapted to the respective process specifications.

  • Thermo-plates / clamping profiles

    DEG thermo-plates can be used for a variety of purposes. For thermo-plate heat exchangers / reactors, or as clamping profiles for the cooling or heating of existing vessels.

    Thanks to many years of experience, we have succeeded in realising thermo-plate heat exchangers with an operating pressure of up to 170 bar with a thermo-plate wall thickness of up to 3.5 mm, a diameter of up to 10m and a height of up to 6.5m.

  • Evaporator

    DEG evaporators are characterized by large heat transfer surfaces with small container volumes and therefore offer a very compact design.

  • Condenser

    DEG condensers are designed for the direct assembly at columns, reactors, boilers, or for use in lying form. They are characterized by a very compact design and efficiency while exhibiting a minimal loss of pressure.

  • Special design

    A special design of DEG Engineering GmbH is the Therm X. The Therm X consists of concentric thermo-plate rings, which are cleaned up to 25 times a minute by means of a continuously working brush cleaning system.

    The advantages of the Therm X:

    • Long service life and guaranteed heat transfer by integrated cleaning system
    • High level of efficiency
    • The heat exchanger can be used for heating or cooling
  • Reactor

    DEG thermo-plate reactors are a new type of catalytic reactor with interior cooling, whereby thermo-plates are used as heat exchangers. DEG thermo-plate reactors offer several advantages over the well-known pipe-cooled systems:

    • Larger heat exchanger surfaces with a smaller design
    • Thick-walled tube plates are not necessary
    • Significantly lower losses of pressure on the reaction side
    • Reactor design can be provided in a modular construction in any size.

DEG Engineering GmbH

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